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Lunar Explorer Virtual Moon Simulation

The Lunar Embassy is proud to bring you an exciting new way to enjoy your Lunar property. Our friends at Lunar Explorer have developed the worlds first Virtual simulation of the Moon. They have done extensive research and created the most realistic and complete simulation of the Moon that has ever been available for home PCs.
Through an exclusive agreement with the Lunar Embassy, they have given our customers a special interface that allows you to VISIT YOUR PROPERTY on the Moon. You will be able to see your property lines from space, land on your property to see it up close and walk around at will; you can invite your friends over to give them a tour; you can take pictures to send to friends or to print and frame; and you have the whole Moon to explore!
Includes simulations of all six Apollo landing sites!

Kaina: EUR 38.90
Pristatymo kaina siunčiant paštu: EUR 7.50
Pristatymo kaina siunčiant su kurjeriu: EUR 15.00

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The extraterrestrial Passport

Get an extraterrestrial Nationality and become a true “Alien”!
In order for us to issue you your extraterrestrial passport, you *must* be an extraterrestrial property owner via the Lunar Embassy.

Kaina: EUR 31.20
Pristatymo kaina siunčiant paštu: EUR 6.85
Pristatymo kaina siunčiant su kurjeriu: EUR 13.70

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